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Special profiles

Fingers and Short Fingers

As an alternative of cleats, provides "Finger" profiles.

Specially indicated for conveying fruit on inclined sections (preventing sharp knocks
that might damage the appereance) and frozen food products (the cylindrical structure prevents the frozen product from sticking to the belt).The company  offers "Short Fingers" used mainly in harvesters of thin-skinned (apples, nectarines, peaches, pears, etc.) and the conveyance and selection of asparagus.

Profile Height         mm Hardness           °ShA Colour Minimum   Ø  mm
Fingers 92 80 White and Green 100
Short Fingers 25 67 60

Reinforced profile

 We offer reinforced PVC profiles in 4 different heights, specially designed for applications involving difficult conditions; in general all applications in which the profiles undergo impact on receiving or conveying material. Excellent resistance to ripping and cutting. Strong and long-lasting that increase transverse rigidity of the belt, producing greater stability on the conveyor.

Profile Dimensions Transverse attachments Length mm Colour
b mm h mm Minimum pitch mm Minimum  Ø (2) mm
NRR30 50 30 70 120 2000 mm       strips Blue 06,        White and Green 00
NRR50 50
NRR70 70
NRR100 100

We also offer reinforced PVC profiles, inclined:
NIR70 and NIR100

Belt support on the return side


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