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Special Conveyor Belts

Power curves

fully fitted and ready to use.
Made with a single splice and stitched profile.
Matt or embossed finish on carrying side. power curve belts are highly flexible yet also strong and stable. They provide great lateral stability and easy tracking. The lateral aligning profile is an endless ring (avoiding risk of breaking or opening at the splice).

Grape harvesting machine belts


Monoblock apron belts with pins

High performance, very reliable monoblock aprons for combing and carding machines, suitable for high loads.
Base belts with heat-sealed profiles, forming a single body and U-shaped pins attached from the bottom to ensure that they do not fall off, thus avoiding risks to the machine operation.

High resistance plastic mesh belts WASHFLOW

A new concept in belts for the washing and conveyance of vegetables, fruit and frozen food, as well as for draining liquids and screening solid waste.
Alternative to modular belts, Washflow is a highly flexible, light- weight non-toxic PU mesh with internal reinforcement that meets FDA and EU standards and is highly resistant to abrasion and hydrolysis.
It is manufactured with various grid sizes to adapt to different granulometries and flows.

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