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Conveyor Belts in PVC and PU

Stima Engineering Ltd. offers conveyor belts designed for food processing, tobacco, textile and automotive industries, as well as for bottling, canning, packaging, woodworking, printing, production of paper and many other industrial activities.
These conveyors are also used for the production of ceramics, cement and marble, glass production, sorting of fruits and vegetables, post and telegraph, fitness equipment, as well as in supermarkets, airports and large logistics centres for transportation and storage of goods. Depending on the transported product, the material of the working surface of the belt can be PVC, polyurethane, polyolefin,  polyester or silicon. Conveyor belts are highly oil resistant, resistant to animal and  vegetable fats and certified to direct contact with foodstuffs. We supply them made  according to the exact sizes and there is an option of splicing the conveyor belts, or jointing them with special connecting brackets. The conveyor belts can be made also
with different types of transverse and longitudinal profiles, enabling the transportation
of products on sloping surfaces.
We deliver also plastic modular conveyor belts and conveyor chains, which give an oportunity for working under adverse conditions – low temperatures, water environment, as well as an opportunity for easier cleaning and drainage of fluids.

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