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Applications for the Different Conveyor Belts Series

Aster series

Food. White, FDA food-quality.
Industry. Green and black. Belts with an embossed cover for lifting or lowering packaged or bulk products.

Breda series

 Industry. High resistance to abrasion, chemical products and mineral oils. Excellent performance under difficult working conditions.

Clina series

Food belts. Excellent resistance to vegetable oils and animal fats.
Non-toxic. PVC and PU.

Drago series

 Industry. Resistant to cuts, abrasion and mineral oils. 
For roller, troughed conveyors and bucket elevators.
Conveyance of clay, chemical fertilizers and grain materials.

Espot series

 Food. Excellent resistance to vegetable oils and fats. For roller troughed conveyors and bucket elevators. Conveyance of organic materials: food, seeds, compound fodders, waste.

Febor series

Green – Packaged or grain products free of oils or fats.
Black – Flame retardant belts, airports, post office and logistics centres.
White and blue - FDA food-quality, flame-retardant, resistant to abrasion. Sugar, carrots and other vegetables.

Hipro series

Industry. Excellent resistance to abrasion, better than some
elastomers, highly antistatic, fusion splice. Conveyance and processing of cardboard, paper and other abrasive materials.

Keram series

Industry. Highly resistant to cuts and mineral oils. Automobile industry (cutting and stamping
of metal).

Novak series

Food. PVC and PU blue belts.
Excelllent resistance to vegetable oils and animal fats.

X series

Food and knife-edge applications. White PU belts, with smooth, homogenous covers.
Excellent longitudinal flexibility. Resistant to oils and fats.

Poler series

Tobacco and Food belts.
Polyester belts are compliant with Pyrolisis test. They work extremely well at high temperatures.

Verna series

Tobacco and Food belts.
Polyolefin belts are compliant with Pyrolisis test. Silicone belts for conveying very sticky products.

Tubul Series - truly endless sleeves.

100% wool felt endless belts (no splice or seam). Baking and confectionery

Type Material Weight      g/m2 Thickness          mm Application
T2 100%      cotton 1.400 3 Food industry: croissant forming
machines, automatic oven feeders,
bread forming machines headstocks.
Textile industry: larding of cotton.
T6 2.700 6 Food industry: french bread forming machines.
Textile industry: polisher of filaments in FIPEL machine.

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