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Alignment Couplings


Rotoflexi coupling features all the characteristics of an elastic coupling and maintains construction simplicity and low cost.
Its main features are:
    The possibility to replace the elastic element radially without remove and misalign the transmission, this increases the rapidity of intervention in case of replacement with saving of maintenance costs
    High capacity to resist against shocks and overloads
    High capacity to reduce vibrations between equipment
    Easy assembly and disassembly
    Electrical isolation between driver and driven side

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Angular-axial-parallel misalignment;
Work in both direction of rotation;
Vibration dumping;
No lubrication is required. 

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High rotation speed;
Angular-axial-parallel misalignment;
Work in both directions of rotation;
Torsional rigidity and backlash free;
High torsional stiffness;
Operate at low and high and low temperature from -30°C to +250°C.
Operation in critical environmental conditions;
Possibility to replace disc pack elements without displacement of coupled equipment;
No maintenance or lubrication are required

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Rotogear RE

Gear couplings Rotogear, thanks to their compact design and their characteristics, give many advantages:
    High torque capacity
    High misalignment capacity
    Low maintenance cost
    Several designs available

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Rotogear AR

Gear couplings Rotogear AR are specifically designed for winches with high radial load, and high angular misalignment capacity.

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Falk Steelflex

Quick, Easy Installation... Replace-In-Place Design
The grid is the wearing member of a Steelflex coupling and it is a fraction of the complete coupling cost. Tapered grids are accessible through the quickly removable cover.
The replace-in-place design of the replacement grids allows them to be dropped in without the need to remove or reposition hubs or realign shafts as required with gear couplings and many elastomer designs.
When coupling-connected equipment must be moved, the job takes longer and costs a lot more.
Equipment Protection Against Shaft Misalignment
The grid is free to rock, pivot and float within the hub teeth. Generous misalignment capacity is provided without producing detrimental bearing side loads created by other couplings. 

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Rotopin Coupling consists in a series of high-resistance steel pins with a set of elastic elements made of NBR 75 Shore rubber. These  pins  are  fixed  to  two  cast-iron  hubs  that  couple  together  engaging one into the other. This assembly allows the coupling to compensate axial, radial and angular misalignments. The  elastic  elements  have  the  feature  to  absorb  shock  and  vibrations  and  can  work  at  temperatures  from  -30°C  to  +  90°C  maintaining the same performance.

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